Home Events War of the Wits, an ad-making competition being held on 21-22 April

War of the Wits, an ad-making competition being held on 21-22 April


Kathmandu, April 20, 2017: Many times we skip channels when ads are on. Is it because the audience wants more content? Or is it because the programs are more entertaining than the ads, which really should not be the case at all. Why don’t we swoon over our advertisement as we do over those super bowl ads or even ads from India? Is it really because we lack creativity? Or, our young generations aren’t worthy enough, creative enough? Why is it that we are competing in other sectors of life, be it art, photography, painting, teaching, creating enterprise, but lagging light years behind our peers. Or, is it just because Nepali youth lack a platform?

The latter seems to be the case.

Taking this into consideration, War of the Wits is going to be held in the town, one of its kind of platform where the brightest of the young minds will come forward to take on the mettle of creativity and push our advertising-traditional and digital, ahead. It is an ad-making competition where the participating groups will try to outwit each other in terms of ad concept or design. The main objective of the competition is to unearth the gem of creativity of advertising and digital marketing scene.

The students from various MBA colleges in Nepal will battle it out among themselves to hoist the flag of their colleges and themselves, as the best emerging talent in the advertising field. They will work on their concept or choose to present it in the form of design, illustrations, visual, play or simply present their concept to the judges.  It’s a championship and from each round the groups with lesser marks will be eliminated, and from the final round, the winner will be selected and awarded a trophy and cash prize of whopping Rs. 55,000.

The programme is a 2-days-long non-residential event with 9 hours slotted for the first day and 30-min more in the second than the first. The event will start from 6 in the morning till 5 in the evening; in these two days, orientation/ briefing about the event, workshop on how to do the activities that have been designed, refreshment breaks and competitive four rounds will take place.

The competition will be held on 21st and 22nd April 2017 at SAS Restro and Lounge, Koteshwor.

MBA students can apply for the competition in a group (1-3 team members), and the entry fee is set at Rs.5000 per group.

The competition is being organized by Ideas and Solutions, a management consultancy which is also the organizer of Corporate Roadies- hunt for the ultimate gladiator, the biggest management competition in Nepal.