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Waste Management Campaign by Japanese Students

Waste Management Campaign by Japanese Students

Kathmandu, 15 Feb, 2015: Waste Management Campaign was organized by Akankshya Nepal Youths on 12th of Feb, 2015 in collaboration with japanese student volunteers from Ayoma Gakuin University along with students from NASA International College and Budanilkantha School participated the campaign.

This Japanese students are here for the research and they conducted the cleanliness campaign. This 3 day campaign is designed with the goal of cleaning the environment and aware the people about the influences of littering and keep the environment clean.

10988684_993420400685425_2128728026_oThe cleanliness destination place was from tinkune to the airport. The session started at 10 am with the orientation program. After 3hr workshop Ayoma University students gave a presentation that deals with the management of the waste garbage.They talked about the responsibilities of the youth and the other local people towards their nation and the communities.

Almost 10 packs of garbage were collected within 1 and half hour.

Remi oikawa participant from Ayoma University said that she is very much aware about the cause and effect of the waste garbage.

Ashma Kc, student of NASA International College said, “During the field work we have found lots of plastics and cigarette stuffs more in number. So it analyzed that the wastes are more often created with the local people throwing it here and there even they know the results doing such work.”

This campaign has taken to the new level for awaring youths of the country regarding environment problems. Triton college and KMC School is also participating in this campaign.

By: Namrata Gautam


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