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Water crisis in Dolpa villages


Dolpa, February 01, 2016: Three settlements of ward no. 7 and 8 at Tripurakot VDC in Dolpa district are expected to shift from the existing locations for shortage of drinking water.
Three settlements including Majhgaun and Dandagaun are facing acute shortage of water as the water sources used by the villagers for the past two years are drying up gradually in the recent time.
The local residents said that the entire settlements are facing hardships for water crisis. It is said that as high as 200 people in the villagers are going through a tough life as there was no easy availability of water.
Altogether three taps have been installed in the villages but water flows from only one of them, forcing the villagers to make lines for hours to fetch water, a local resident Dhan Karna Budha said.
He added that two other taps should be closed to supply water in the last one.



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