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Water Pumping using Mobile App in Myagdhi


 Myagdi, 21 December 2017: For the first time in the river of Myagdi, life technology based irrigation was made successful through the use of an android application.

Krishna Bahadur Khatri, one of the locals of Beni and owner of Khatri Electronics operated the mechanical circuit and irrigation switch of the river through a mobile app. He can stay in his home and control the flow of water through pipes all the way to Khabra, Beni.

Khatri mentioned this being the first successful project that operates the water supply through exclusively launched mobile app in Dhaulagiri region.

Before this project, he had successfully operated the irrigation switch of Myagdi’s river, Manglaaghat, which lay 150 meters from his home.

Popular in Beni for his electronics and technological knowledge, Khatri mentioned he can be counted as one of the few people in Nepal who use apps to control the irrigation process.

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