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“We Inspire Nepal” to conduct “Saunak Show – Ignite and Transform”


Kathmandu, March 11, 2016: Saunak Bhatta is back as “We Inspire Nepal” will be conducting “Saunak Show – Ignite and Transform”; a two hour motivational seminar that they claim sets a landmark for the hot trends of motivation on 17th March.

al seminars- creating a new terminology “Motivational Concert” for the participants of the age group 16 – 60 to come together and explore themselves while creating a pathway for their future. The seminar is innovative in self; incorporating the aspects of music and the sheer determination and will  of the participants- all leading towards a positive goal of self and social improvement. The vision of the seminar is to help the participants achieve their goal of self-enlightenment and motivation-promoting to a positive perspective on life and their goals. While being innovative and youth-based, the program acts as an educational approach altogether.

The “Motivational Concert” is led by Mr. Saunak Bhatta, a trainer and motivational speaker of the new generation and one of the rising youth icons of Nepal. He has outreached to over fifty thousand people nationally and internationally, while attending the seminars of leading speakers throughout the world to bring a new trend of motivational programs to Nepal. Saunak has won several National and International awards, including British Council’s international climate champion, Global Inspirational Voices award and Icon of Nepal. The show is so led by the experience and energy of the talented Saunak Bhatta whose vision incorporates personal and social progress as a whole.

The event is to be held on 17th March from 3 pm onwards at the auditorium of DAV school. The tickets for the event are available at The Bakery Café outlets of Jawalakhel, Pulchwok, Durbar Marg and Baneshwor.

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