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We Women Warriors!


The word ‘woman’ is typically defined as a female human being and a creation of God. But this definition of woman doesn’t satisfy in all ways. I think every woman in this world is a true ‘warrior’. Yes, I can say it with all my heart. Women are the ones who have given so many contributions to this world in different sectors, directly or indirectly. No, I am not saying this for myself being a woman, but saying the fact which I have truly understood.

Yeah, there is a deep concept regarding this matter so that I am saying a woman is a warrior who needs to be known in the world.

Everyone knows a woman as mother, wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and many other names by relations but they don’t know that woman is a ‘warrior’ who fights in her world less for herself and more for her family.

God has created both man and woman, they are the creations of God but why in this world people are thinking that women and men are different? We can see that perception in our day-to-day life.

I want to share a short story of a girl:

A new child was born in a family, and she was a girl. The mother became happy as she has her first child now. But some of the family members were not that happy as the child was girl. The girl started to grow up in the family. As soon as she grew up and reached 19, she was made to stop her study and was forcefully married off. She fought within her to accept this situation. She couldn’t do anything. She thought of happiness of her family and happily accepted to get married to an unknown person for her. Then she became a wife. Then, she became a mother. She bore 9 months of pain. She was happy for having a child but was in pain too which she needs to bear in pregnancy. She finally gave birth to a child.

Like in this story, a lady becomes a housewife and a mother. When a woman becomes a mother, she feels she has got the greatest gift of the world. A mother becomes happy when her child cries after coming out from her stomach. She bears all the pain when she has her baby inside the stomach as well as when has the baby outside her stomach. She performs all the kitchen and household chores everyday and prepares the meal for her family. She does everything for her family. She provides the meal for her family first. She becomes happy when her child is eating and fulfilling his hunger and she satisfies herself by looking her child’s face. She doesn’t want anything and always wants to fulfill her child’s need.

The most common problem every girl has to go through is during the periods. The natural process for which no one is responsible in cruel society they take as a burden and during period of mensuration in most of the places a girl has to leave in a ‘chhau ghar’ (menstrual hut). It is said that a girl cannot go to any puja or cannot do any religious activities. But it is not good!!

Every woman faces such problems and still lives for the family and make a better place for all the people in the society.

But, there is a warrior in every girl that is not known by the world. Every woman is a warrior in herself and I, myself proudly say ‘yes, I am a woman warrior’. So, let’s BE BOLD FOR CHANGE. Let’s make the world a better place to live in for everyone.

By Sumnima Shrestha

The writer is currently studying in grade 10 at New Horizon English Boarding Secondary School, Butwal. She is also a member of Women Warrior group.