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WePOWER to Promote Female Practitioners in Energy Sector


Kathmandu, February 22, 2019: To promote more female practitioners in the field of energy and power sectors, Women in Power Sector in Professional Network (WePOWER) was launched in Kathmandu on February 20, 2019.

The aim of WePOWER is to support women participation of women in energy projects and institutions and promote women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education said by the Manila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB), a partner of WePOWER.

WePOWER foresight to become a vibrant and self- sustaining professional network backed by strategic partners that can provide technical and financial support. Its work program will focus on five strategic areas, education, recruitment, development, retention and policy, and analysis.

WePOWER will provide capacity building support, networking, and mentorship for women engineers for career advancement, research to reform policies and practices, exposure to technology, recruiting opportunities and access to information and conference.