Westerly wind active again, more chilly days ahead  

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Westerly wind active again, more chilly days ahead  

Kathmandu,15 Dec 2014: Although the weather across the country has generally improved today with the halt in the impact of the Westerly Wind, more cold weather is predicted for some days with cloudy conditions as the Westerlies is likely become active again.

Life throughout the country including the Kathmandu Valley was affected on Sunday due to the precipitation following cloudy weather brought by the onset of Westerly winds that originated in the Arabian Sea and entered the country from the western part after passing over Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir.

“Although the weather is clear in the central parts of the country today with the end of the impact of the Westerly winds, some places in the western and eastern parts of the country are seeing cloudy weather after the noon. This condition has come about as the Westerlies have become active again. The weather will remain cloudy for some days with light rain, although not the kind of big impact like on Sunday,” meteorologist Rajaram Dhakal said.

He said this phenomenon is likely to further plummet the mercury down uncreasing the cold.

The temperature in the Kathmandu Valley today was a minimum of 3.5 degress Celsius and a maximum of 17 degrees Celsius.

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