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WFEB launches a book on business ethics


Kathmandu, March 28, 2016: Nepal wing of World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) launched a book on ethics in business “The Ethical Self & Business Ethics” on Friday at Nepal Tourism Board. The book presents the initiatives of WFEB Nepal and was earlier launched at the Global Leadership Forumin Delhi on March 13. The book has interviews and excerpts on ethics from Diplomats, Ambassadors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Businessmen, Educators and Professors among others.

WFEB was co-founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, European Parliament and the World Bank in 2003. WFEB Nepal conference was held on 17 January 2014 with the theme “Business Ethics for a Prosperous Nepal”. The Nepal conference had brought together Nepal’s Prime Minister, ministers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders from different sectors. A World Youth Forum (WYF) preceded the conference and brought 60 youths from different parts of nation to discuss ethics and its need.

The book launch was followed by a panel of experts who spoke about importance of ethics in hospitality, tourism, business and development. Ms Sheri Meyerhoffer, Head of Mission, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA), Mr. Bhai Raja Pandey, Former Senior UN Official, Mrs, Ambica Shrestha, President, The Dwarika’s Hotel, Dr. Narayan Tuladhar, Mr. Yogendra Shakya, Director, Nepal Tourism Board, Mr.Deepak Joshi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board and Mr. Santosh Sharma, President, The Art of Living Nepal were the panelists.

Ms. Sheri shared that democracy brings its own share of problems. Mr. Bhai Raja pointed out that ethics comes into consideration only after yours and your family members’ stomachs are filled. He emphasized on overall development to have strong ethics. Mrs Ambica Shrestha was amazed to see the next generation of leaders conscious about ethics. Dr. Narayan Tuladhar informed about his plan of training twenty-five thousand business students and teachers about Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Mr. Yogendra Shakya reflected back on his grandmother’s advice on dharma and karma; around which ethica encircles. Mr. Deepak Joshi quoted “Trip to Nepal might be Physically challenging but it is always Emotionally rewarding”. Mr Santosh Sharma highlighted the importance of spirituality in making people more ethical.

Ashish Chaulagain, a participant of WYF organized by WFEB Nepal, shared that we Nepalese can show our ethics and values to encourage foreign investors for development in Nepal.

Mrs. Neeva Mathema Pradhan, the coordinator of WFEB Nepal facilitated the launch event. The event was prepared with help from ECS Media. Mrs Pradhan, Faculty of The Art of Living, expressed thankfulness to all the helping hands, sponsors and supporters.