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What 10+2 adds to you after its completion


While the phase of learning and growing never stops, life puts you in many different stages. The journey through it may be harsh, delightful, off putting, or even alluring. You get to experience some WOW moments but some can be dreadful as a dark nightmare.

As a student, not just me, but all of us in general got to face lots of such experiences. From a very young age, starting school to end it up at sweet 16 or around, we have a decent life following up a normal daily routine.  But once you enter into high school, a lot of things come around you that you need to soak yourself into or even kick out of you.

I can speculate that every high school student must have felt that 10+2 went all out of sudden that one could not stop their hustle and reflect upon oneself. The reasons were deadlines of assignments, practical’s, examinations, viva, pressure of scoring good marks, hectic high school schedule, relationships, breakups and many other more. Value were added, ethics and morals were built up. Also passion towards anything stood up strong but all these changes that you were going through were not remarkable until you got your spare time after completing grade 12 examination.

10+2 is considered to be an intermediate level before you join bachelors. You may seem to be perplexed in terms of many things such as career choice, decision making, self awareness etc. but after completing 10+2 you will definitely be experiencing a different perspective that counts as value added to you by 10+2.

  • Maturity in mindset.

Once you become a graduate from high school you seem to have a maturity in your thinking ability. I may receive a backlash saying this but my personal experience and people around me has proved in. One becomes more sensible and generous on what s/he thinks. Not just that the experience you gain after 10+2 also makes a difference on how you think. You become opinionated and entitled for your every opinions that are accumulated by your knowledge. A proof could be as many youngsters as high school pass out has been actively participating in social, economic and political discussions. They have their own choice of opinion and feel free to express themselves. Also series of success and failure could come along the way and coping out in the situation has made the person more stronger.

  • Sense of rational decision making

A sense of rational decision making is built up on a student on their differentiation skills of what is wrong and right. No matter what situation that one has been thriving into, they can now show some grace in handling the situation. This statement cannot be applicable to everyone but living a pressurized life during 10+2, it will definitely help one to cope out best in any situation in life.

  • Drive towards passion

As a student, we often feel that we lack time for what we are interested upon. Our academics, schedules, assignments keeps us so busy that we tend to forget what makes us haply but 10+2 gives us such adequate amount of spare time that we choose to incline towards our interest. Some choose to get proficiency in it with q certainty to build it up as a career. So time after  10+2 drives one towards passion so that s/he can find out what s/he is good at.

  • Feeling of getting financial freedom

We tend to see most of the students being in search of a part time job so that they can manage their expenses on their own. This is the first step towards living an independent life not being spoon fed by parents all the time. This is how they will get to know what life is and what hardships they could face on this journey of being independent. This may help to develop a sense of maturity to face what comes on their plate ahead in life.

  • Responsible towards their responsibility

A feeling of responsibility is definitely seen in a student in terms of things that one has to look after. One feels responsible towards his/her rights and also towards the duties at the same time. One feels how responsible one is towards the family and starts to take baby steps at a time that will prepare one to be able to look after the family in the near future. Thus, a sense of responsibility is definitely felt and this value has been added to him/her once the person understands what he/she has to do and not to do through school level.

  • Stable career choice

Once a person steps into high school s/he will definitely have a perplexed mind in regards to what s/he will be able to do in the future and build their careers. They can have confusion regarding the subject they have chosen, whether they will excel it or not. But once the person completes the high school one will definitely have a rigid view about which career path will be best for them and will start to work on it. In this way 10+2 will give a better choice of career and direction that one can catch upon. 


To sum up, as in total the values that has been aforementioned may not be related to all of us but yes will do to many. People might have shown a different perception about the lessons, learning and values that s/he have perceived during time span of 2 years. 

Whatever the value be, 10+2 is for sure rollercoaster ride to everyone going through the highs and lows. Experiences and knowledge were only their support system that gave them a way to get out of the bad times and cherish the good ones. I also had a similar kind of experience but all that I am today is merely because of my learnings through 10+2, which is not only based on the syllabus but also on those basic life lessons that has helped me to survive so far. Those lessons are time management, emotional stability, hardships, dedication, success, failures everything. I hope the time you spend is to be celebrated throughout your life journey. 

Madhu Sudan Dhakal