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What do Miss Nepal Winners have to say about Education, Entrepreneurship and Youths in our Country?


Kathmandu, April 23, 2018: Nepal chose four beautiful women representatives on the beautiful evening of April 11, 2018 as the winners of Miss Nepal World, Miss Nepal Universe , Miss Nepal Earth  and Miss Nepal International .

Miss Nepal World, Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Ms. Shrinkala Khatiwada from Hetauda, Ms. Manita Devkota from Gorkha, Ms. Priya Sigdel from Kathmandu and Ms. Ronali Amatya from Kathmandu bagged the crowns of Miss Nepal World, Miss Universe Nepal, Miss Earth Nepal and Miss International Nepal respectively.

Our team of Glocal Khabar interviewed these four ladies who are a perfect blend of beauty with brains to know their opinions on education, entrepreneurship and youth in our country.

Miss Nepal World, Shrinkala Khatiwada says, “Education is the basic need in any country and not a luxury. However, the irony in our country is that education is being treated as one of those luxuries where quality would be assured only after extra monetary payments.”

Adding to the same viewpoint, Miss Nepal Earth, Priya Sigdel highlighted in the need of changing education system. She mentions,

Miss Earth Nepal 2018, Priya Sigdel

The concept of different education system in private and public schooling is becoming popular where the students of public schools are the ones that need to be uplifted. Hence, the education system of all kinds of schools in the country irrespective of who regulates them, who owns them, what are the kind of stakeholders involved in them should be the same. The exposure might vary according to schools but the teaching pedagogy and information processing needs to be the same.

For the socio-economic development of the country, it is of paramount importance that equality exists in the society and one of the major bases of equality in the society is gender equality. When asked about thoughts on status of women in the country, Miss Nepal Universe , Manita Devkota says,

Miss Universe Nepal, Manita Devkota

The situation of women inside Kathmandu valley and outside Kathmandu valley is quite different in the sense that women in urban areas are more empowered. However, when it comes to women outside of Kathmandu valley, though those strong women are seen involving them in all kinds of economic activities whether it be agriculture or anything else, the income generated from those activities goes directly into the pocket of their husbands and hence the society that exists there is very patriarchal in nature where men despite of only playing taas and having fun rule over the lives of their wives.

The sad reality of our society is that inequality still exists in some or the other form. Miss Nepal World, Khatiwada shares her unique insights as, “Nature is unfair in sense to the man that they can’t procreate and live in the beautiful experience of motherhood. However, the child contains genes of both one’s father and mother and hence both should partner 50- 50% in raising the child. This might include innovative steps like providing equal maternity leave to a man but this innovation is necessary so that a man and a woman can walk hand-in-hand to both raise the child and financially invest on him.

Miss Nepal International, Ronali Amatya added, “Nothing can stop a woman who desires to achieve something. There can always be coping mechanisms like family support with which a woman can balance both her uplifting career and the raising of her child.”

We can often observe in Nepal that we usually have the habit of playing blame game. While asking about how capable have we been as young souls? She shares,

Miss International Nepal, Ronali Amatya

Most often we blame other people on the basis of one or two phenomenon. Today, we see many young minds leaving the country and hence we tend to perceive that negatively. However, our country Nepal is a democratic one and hence we are all free to create our destinies ourselves. For people wanting to emigrate, it is okay. However, this trend of emigrating would not turn out to be hazardous if we learned to balance out things. The young minds that go out, if they can and are happily willing to, should come back to their own country and invest whatever they have learnt here in the country itself.” 

There is some hope still left within our young minds and that hope remains in the form of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur herself, Miss Nepal Earth , Sigdel quotes,“Entrepreneurship is the capability to stand strong and believing in oneself and one’s idea even when a person is at its lowest. Entrepreneurship basically for me would be failing without falling.” 

To add to that, Miss Nepal Universe , Devkota shares her opinion, “In Nepal, entrepreneurial ventures are going to turn out to be all the more successful if we allow ourselves the freedom to collaborate with foreign companies. A lot many lessons can be learnt from India in this matter which today has become the hub of multinational companies and international franchises thus leading to formation of better economic opportunities for youth.”

Hence, the words of wisdom that the four national beauties shared with us prove for the fact that this year Nepal has chosen the most intellectual and elegant woman of their times to represent our country in the international platform.

Presented by Mahima Poddar, contributing writer for Glocal Khabar