What happens to your online life after you are dead?


    It might be a question of great thought to know what happens to your online life after you are dead!

    For some, their online life is limited within social medias but for others it might be everything. There are people in every nook and corner of the world who perform various activities online. Apart from connecting with their friends and families, activities ranging from Financial activities to storage of personal files and folders.

    Internet is not only for streaming videos, chatting with friends, sharing stories and listening to music. Despite the fact, it remains intangible until and unless it comes out in the real world; online activities and things kept online might be of great asset not only for the person who is dead but for people who will be there alive in the real world.

    Lets make an instance, there’s a man who has many well wishers whom he communicates every other day online, who  performs every financial activities (Paypal and other online transactions firms) from his laptop itself and has all his memories saved in an online drive. Imagine, what happens to those stuffs when that person is no more alive. BOOM, everything is no more accessible. How to let people know, whom he communicates online, that is no more alive? How to access those financial account and transfer those amount in the account of his well wishers and family? How to extract those memories which his family might be interested in?

    But the things is, who would or who can look after your online assets when you are dead!

    We have categorized your online assets into 3 different categories:

    1. Social assets: The way of reaching out to your close ones.
    2. Financial assets: The way of performing financial activities online.
    3. Sentimental assets: The way of preserving your memories that links to your sentiments.

    So, how can one let their well wishers know how to access those assets?

    • Make a legal copy of will after discussing with your lawyer who would disclose that only after your death.
    • Make a notes which would be like a directory of your online life including all accounts and instructions to do with that account.
    • NEVER WRITE YOUR PASSWORD anywhere. Sharing your password would never be a good option to opt to.

    Hence, with this you can give enough information about things you have been linked to online and won’t let any of your assets disappear out of no where.



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