What is Internet of Things?


    With every other day passing by, more and more number of devices are connected to the internet. The number of people connected to people is less than the number of devices connected to internet. Keeping this in mind, various multinational tech companies as coming up with the concept to connect every other devices on this planet to the internet. It is the simplest definition for Internet of Things.

    Internet of Things, a trending topic worldwide these days, what exactly is Internet of Things? How would this make an impact? What kind of impact will it bring? Several questions might be running on the minds who are aware of this but almost 87% of the world population is unaware of this.

    So in this article, we are going to share some information regarding Internet of Things!

    1. What is Internet of Things?
    • Every tech devices with the connection to internet must be connected to the global network of Internet. Devices ranging from cellphone to jet engine of plane which can be connected to internet are connected under Internet of Things. There is an estimation that in the end of 2020 there will be more than 26 billion devices connected to the internet. Just imagine, how huge networking would be there and the relationship would be between people-people, people-devices and devices-devices itself. Believe it or not, the world is going to be very-very smart.

    2. How would this make an impact on your life?

    •  As I mentioned above, every devices that can be connected to  the internet are connected to the internet. So, just take an instance that you are on your smart car with connection to the internet. You don’t know where you should be headed. Your car automatically synchronize your timing from your calendar and take you to your destination following the best route available (in the mean time, it would let you where you should be). If you would be late due to some unavoidable circumstances, car itself would send a text to the person you are going to meet mentioning the you would be late.
    • Another instance, your alarm is connected to the internet. As soon as you woke up and turn off the alarm, it would send message to coffee machine to prepare a coffee for you.
    • What if every other thing you need to do manually you do it itself without any human interaction?

    This way your life would be affected by the Internet of Things.

    Are you ready for the future where you don’t need to do anything but it would be done on its own?



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