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What’s and Why’s after +2?


Remember when we always thought that, “Life would be fun after +2” as academics would end and college life would be so much relaxed and chilled out! But…….what we weren’t told was that ‘Life after +2 brings its own set of opportunities and challenges!’ You were a high school student just yesterday, and now all of a sudden one is expected to make career choices and decide courses and colleges according to it. Also, it is exactly at this point of time that you feel all your friends are moving ahead in life whereas your life is stuck at one point!

Holidays can become pretty exhausting and mentally tiring if our brains and thoughts are not taken into control at the right time. It’s both important to relax and take a laid back approach after your high school because it’s not a wise thing to jump from one thing to the other without even truly understanding the value of what one is doing!

Let’s explore all the small little things that our recent high school graduates could do so that they can spend their +2 holidays in a relaxed manner while also brainstorming about what their future could look like!

  • Understanding that it is okay to ‘Take a Break!’

Once students get out after +2, they have a lot of time with themselves with very little work to do as colleges and universities do take some time to open up their admissions. These holidays last even longer for people aspiring to study abroad, as the results take some time to publish and the students are bound to go through a gap year for being enrolled in an abroad university/college.

Since, most of us have been a part of a really pressurizing schedule for the last 12 years with back to back educational courses from class 1 to 12, this break all of a sudden might seem alien to us and we might find ways to avoid it.

However, our young minds need not forget that they deserve this break and they would want to enjoy it to the most before they enter another era of some really pressurizing work schedules. Breaks can very often provide the young minds a chance to truly self-reflect and understand what is that they want from life and how do they envision themselves to be. Such self-reflection done during the time of break can help students later while making career choices.

  • Time to develop some life skills like driving, cooking etc.:

The gap after +2 is the perfect time for young minds to develop some life skills which would help the students along their journey of life. They could learn skills like riding scooters, driving cars, cooking meals etc. all of which would render them useful while they move ahead in life. Skills like driving and cooking will help them later on if they choose a career which takes them to places or if they might have to live alone in the future. Development of such life skills is never a waste of time!

  • Volunteering for a purpose your passion lies in:

Nowadays, there are so many social organizations in Nepal, who look forward to having active and enthusiastic volunteers, so that they could all move ahead in life with a greater purpose. Students could utilize the time in hand that they have after +2 volunteering in various organizations which would help them gain exposure to the outside world, build networks and also understand the true purpose of life which is service. Once you start engaging yourself in activities like this, you do also understand what is it that you like to do and what is it that you would avoid doing which would help you make a wise career choice.

  • Pre-Handed Primary Research:

While there could be some students, who might be quite confident and assured about what is it that they want to do in life, there could be some who might be confused looking at the various array of opportunities that lies ahead of them. Holidays are the perfect time to look out for your seniors who are doing things in different fields and take a perspective from them about what each field carries. This would help the students filter out their options better and truly understand their career choices better before they completely invest their time in it.

  • Develop a Hobby:

The easiest way to understand a person is to look at their hobbies. In the time course of running behind classes’ upto +2, many of us forget to develop hobbies. The break after +2 can be just the right time for that. If you like travelling, go out more often, if you once read a lot, start a new collection of books, if you love watching movies, watch some classics and gain important lessons from it. Once you make a career choice and enter into your career path, you might find it difficult to take out time for things that you really enjoy doing. So, now is the time to do it.

In the process of always questioning themselves ‘What Next?’ Gen Z often forgets to take a pause and live life as it is around them. This break that one gets after +2 is an important time to take a pause, truly reflect on what is that one wants to do and then create a career path based on the passion one has engraved in the heart. This break doesn’t necessarily have to be a hush-hush and rush-rush and it can be all about relaxing, thinking and choosing wisely!

Article by: Mahima Poddar