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What’s new at – ACT 360


ACT360 is a digital marketing company whose core purpose is to do awesome things. They choose the name “ACT360” because “act” means “to take action” which is in line with our philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive. The “360” refers to us offering a variety of services, which lets us offer a complete solution to your needs.

ACT believed that they could provide quality Digital Marketing services with the added benefit of data-driven decision-making systems that would help businesses truly achieve their digital marketing goals.

Global Khabar interviewed Mr. Amod Niroula, CEO at ‘ACT 360’ to get more information about their venture.

 Could you briefly introduce the company to us? What was the starting phase like?

ACT360 is a digital marketing company which has a strong focus on marketing technology (mar-tech) and branding.

The starting phase was like any other company. we took any job we could take, including conducting seminars on a strategy to companies and writing reports which had nothing to do with marketing as well. We did them because it was important for us to guarantee cash flow into the company.

 How is the business going?

The business is slowly growing now.

What kind of response do you hear from your customer? Can you share about it?

There have been few clients who have worked with us since the very beginning of our company. And there are also clients who have come back to us after few months. I think this is because, as a part of our work process, we really try to understand what the organization’s true values are and how should it have communicated.

There is a lot that goes behind the scenes for every social media post, website of web applications that we create. And the client’s value this.

 What are the challenges you encountered about your venture? What is the state now?

Sometime the economics does not work out when working with the clients in the local market. The solutions that the clients want to need to have a unique approach and can never be mass produced. But the clients still have an approach to buying products when they are trying to purchase services. Other than that, challenge, capabilities and technology wise, we think, we are in par with any other market.

Now we are trying to focus on our core competencies and making sure are processes are right up there.

What are the long-term plans that you set up regarding your venture?

Well, there are no long-term plans in this ever-changing field. We need to be agile all the time and make sure we are always following the next tech leap. The way people interact and consume information is changing all the time and we need to be able to predict that and change our service offerings accordingly.