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Who am I?


“Who are you?”

This question that was raised during one of our lectures kept me thinking.

Who actually am I? What really am I? Everybody does know me by my name and my appearance, but does it really define me?

I am not the same person I was when I was born and even I am not the same person I was a few minutes ago. I change and I keep on changing. I don’t remain as the same person every single minute. So, what am I supposed to say about who I am?

I am a girl. I do have many problems in my life with which I am dealing, and will be dealing every single time. I have troubles relating to my life, my study, my family and everything else. I think about the things that are necessary and even those things which I really shouldn’t be thinking. But will I be the same after 2 years? And am I the same person I was before 2 years? No, I am not. I am not the same person I was before, nor will I be the same after 2 years. I may change my hair color or I may put on some makeup, I may have some tattoos, I may lose or gain some weight and I might even bring some changes in my personalities and my attitude. Does that mean I lose the real me and who I really am?

To tell you the truth, I am nobody. I do have a name and certain characteristics and some social status as well, but they can neither define me, nor can they say anything about who and what I am. Nothing can define me, not my age, not my gender, and not even my name. They simply are a part of my identity. The name is there for me to be called and recognized, the age is something that would say how old I have become and the gender would say my sexuality. But am I really these? Am I really all those things that society says or my identity talks about? Am I really something, or am I nothing at all?

I was born and now I’m living as a human being with all the aspects that other people do and my identity as well. But I will be dead in a few couple of years, won’t I? It’s hard to find the answer and even if I do, it would be hard to explain as well.

I change like seasons, and every day I grow into a different new person. I am not the same and won’t remain the same as any other day. But who really am I? The answer is yet to be found, but what I can say is that I am me, not the past me, not the future me, but the present me and am not the person that people want me to be.

I am simply me!

By Safalta Ranabhat

The writer is studying Bachelor of Pharmacy at Pokhara University.