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Whpedia tapping technology in the conventional tuition practices of Nepal

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Having an idea to do something is precious. It doesn’t matter whether this idea has grown from a root of simple or ingenious approach. If the idea marches forward to reality, it sparks inspiration to many people. Nepal is not aloof of youths who are trying to set their own definition of inspiring stories. Presenting one such example of a youth, Bijay Sharma, a newcomer in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal but has dreams to set an example by his notion, Whpedia.

Bijay Sharma is an enthusiastic young aspirant. The CEO/Founder of Whpedia, Bijay has mirrored his idea into the entrepreneurial space for more than two months now and he believes that his online site, Whpedia will truly picture his motive, i.e. giving an opportunity for both students and teachers through home tutoring.

The Story of Whpedia

A student of Physics from Tri-Chandra College, Bijay was involved in home tutoring during his undergraduate studies. After he was finished with his final examination, he started to research and work on his approach to Whpedia.

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Bijay Sharma, CEO/Founder- Whpedia

Bijay mentions, “My ultimate idea was to build up the ongoing tuition system of the country. The technological tapping idea in tutoring system through Whpedia would ease many students who were in need of a good tutor. Parents could get an access to variety of teachers in accordance to their children’s need. Many teachers who were capable enough and had a desire to utilize their spare time by teaching could earn an opportunity through Whpedia.”

After associating his notion of Whpedia with Knockout System Pvt.Ltd, the team of the digital firm provided him with ample technical aid to let his idea with an online site.

Introducing Whpedia

Whpedia is an online portal that connects home tutors and students. The site facilitates teachers and students with a simple procedure to find one another.

The problem of not finding the best fit tutor for children is very common. The scenario of the vast difference in the residence of a particular student and a tutor arises a lot of problems. But, Whpedia has been solving this impending situation by the varied options of teachers and students it receives through its site.

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From the site of Whpedia, students and teachers can fill out a form that asks them with their residence and the level of students they prefer to teach. Through the forms they receive, they match up the best- fit tutor and student on the basis of location, subject level, and price.

Currently, Whpedia is a trusted site for more than thirty students of Upper Kindergarten to high school. Bijay shares, “Through Whpedia many teachers who were having problems due to locations, pricing and a lack of opportunity to teach have now started to feel a lot easier than before.”

In a short time-span of the inception, Whpedia been able to collect ample students and teachers. For the team of Whpedia, everything the site offers is an opportunity that profits a give and take a system as the student learns and the tutor can facilitate himself/herself with monetary profit and utilize spare time by teaching.

In order to spread words of their venture, the core team of five members of Whpedia have been campaigning around the valley and vigorously interacting with teachers and students.

Taking about the peculiar name that somewhat accounts a similarity to Wikipedia, Bijay says the initial ‘Wh’ indicates questions we want to solve, ‘pedia’ simply defines learning and for Bijay the name Whpedia is about giving solutions to people.

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“When I started Whpedia, it was just a part of my dream. But now I realize Whpedia holds a place of value somewhere in the entrepreneurial space of the country. To find capable teachers with a platform to teach has been the major goal and providing them with this opportunity has gifted positivity for Whpedia to move on.” -Bijay Sharma, CEO/Founder, Whpedia

Challenges and Future Goals

Bijay believes that sometimes the unhealthy monetary bargaining practices by parents makes it a bit difficult to manage suitable teachers. Pointing out the deceitful scenario of online practices in Nepal Bijay shares, “It is not an unknown fact that online hoax sites have been exploiting people’s trust. As our work is fully dependent on online site, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult for Whpedia to gain the trust of people.”

In the coming years, Whpedia wants to bring out its best by not only acting as a mediator between parents and teachers but as an e-learning portal. They aim to create Whpedia as a platform for more than 400 students from all over the country to learn from approximately more than 350 teachers.

Whpedia is in works to have its own mobile application. The team realizes the ardent need of an app that could further enhance their idea. Talking about the future plans of launching a mobile application, Prabhat Man Shrestha, one of the IT teams of Whpedia, mentions “A single teacher can connect to numerous students through the notes he/she shares through the mobile application. This would benefit students even if the teacher doesn’t show up to the tuition classes. We just want to bring a technological advancement in the traditional tuition teaching scenario.”

To the aspiring entrepreneurs

Nepal has a lot of opportunities to provide for the aspirants. When there lay ideas to do something, initiating and implementing them is always a necessity. Without hard work the fruit of success is not achievable because hard work paves the road to the successful journey of a startup.

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