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Wildlife Training: Nepal Youth Council’s initiation to empower wildlife enthusiasts

Nepal Youth Council- Glocal Khabar

Kathmandu, February 21, 2018: Nepal Youth Council (NYC) in association with World Wildlife Fund Nepal (WWF), Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KAFC) and Greenhood Nepal has officially inaugurated ‘Wildlife Training’ from February 20, 2018 in Kathmandu.

The seventeen days research-based training has brought together 10 participants from forestry science, veterinary science and environment science background. They will be trained in four different research thematic areas: musk deer distribution study, red panda survey, ecotourism possibility and mapping illegal trade in Langtang region of Nepal during the training.

The training includes 10 days theory session at Kathmandu and one-week field visit to Langtang National Park. The training will also include hands-on research, photography seminars and use of technology in the field, concluding with 10 written and submitted research reports.

The first day of the training started with formal opening ceremony under the presidency of Saroj Baniya, President of NYC Nepal. Krishna Kumar Aryal, Executive Board Member of Tourism Board; Madhav Dhungel, Vice president of NYC; Gobinda Bhattarai, Secretory of NASA also joined the formal session and shared their experience. Renowned personalities working in various aspects in development of Nepal were also invited for the discussion session.

Krishna Kumar Aryal, Executive Board Member of Tourism Board, proposed to include one day information sharing with the participants at Nepal Tourism Board after their Langtang field visit.

Narendra Pradhan, Former CEO of Bird Conservation Nepal; Kumar Paudel, Co-founder Greenhood Nepal; Ugan Manandhar, Deputy Director of WWF Nepal and Regan Sapkota, Executive member of Green hood Nepal were present in the informal session.

According to the organizers, this research training is aimed to empower the wildlife enthusiasts with technical skills required for undertaking a whole research project. It will also help the participants to take responsibility in leading the region towards wildlife and land conservation necessary for long term sustainability.

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Nepal Youth Council (NYC) is a government organization, actively working for the development of youth’s personality, entrepreneurship and leadership as well as their self- confidence by providing various training with various skills to make them independent.