Home Entertainment Will Matthew McConaughey Go Bad In ‘The Stand’?

Will Matthew McConaughey Go Bad In ‘The Stand’?

Will Matthew McConaughey Go Bad In ‘The Stand’?
Will Matthew McConaughey Go Bad In ‘The Stand’?

25 November,2014: If this rumor isn’t entirely true, it’s so good that Hollywood should immediately go balls-to-the-wall to make it a reality: Matthew McConaughey has reportedly been tapped for a big, bad role in “The Stand.”

According to The Guardian, McConaughey is first pick to play Randall Flagg, the villain of Stephen King’s sweeping epic that is being adapted for film by Josh Boone. Flagg is the primary antagonist of the story, a man with mysterious origins and a supernatural gift for persuasion who sets up a colony of survivors in the ruins of Las Vegas. He’s the ageless, magnetic, denim-wearing, grinning, all-American good ol’ boy embodiment of pure, unadulterated evil.

In short: Confirmed or not, Matthew McConaughey has to play this role.

Meanwhile, the Guardian report also includes a second bit of intel on “The Stand,” this one confirmed by Josh Boone himself during an appearance on Kevin Smith’s podcast: The movie will actually be four movies.

The possibility of a multi-part project was always on the table — the book is vast and complex, and Stephen King even warned us not to count on it being a one-shot deal — but four films is still amazing news for fans of the source material who were worried about what would be lost in compressing the 1000-page “The Stand” down to a single feature-length film. Plus, Boone says that certain key cast members have already quietly come on board with production hopefully starting in the spring of 2015. Everyone place your bets now as to whether Matthew McConaughey is one of them.



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