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Willing to Go Anytime Anywhere in Just a Matter of Click? Remember ‘Khai Taxi’


Kathmandu, May 21, 2016: How awesome it would be if you don’t have to go to a taxi stand and wait for a taxi but instead it will be waiting for you?

Just imagine how if you book a taxi right from your room and your taxi is waiting for you out your main door when you get ready or imagine how if you are getting late for movie and you are worried that you won’t find a taxi unless you walk for 10 minutes and your wife is going to yell at you, Khai-Taxi will now be a solution for all those problems you face in the day to day life.

Yes, Khai Taxi would assist you on pickup services either at home/office or anywhere you are. Cab rides will now be convenient and safe with ‘Khai Taxi’.

‘Khai Taxi’, a taxi hailing app to provide hassle-free taxi booking service has now successfully been launched in Nepal. It will now provide digitized taxi service in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Launched by Glocal Pvt. Ltd., it is very convenient using the app ‘Khai Taxi’ and hiring one. Take for an instance; you are in a meeting with a client at a coffee shop at Durbarmarg. You need to reach Airport as soon as you are done with the meeting. In just a click, you can book a taxi to reach your location on time.

Soon, the app will also provide the users with the airport transportation facility. As soon as you have landed and waiting for your luggage, in that meantime, you can call a taxi for you. As soon as you are done with your luggage, your “Khai Taxi” associate would be outside waiting for you.

The cab drivers associated with ‘Khai Taxi’ carry GPS enabled smartphones to navigate their location, facilitating the users to contact taxi which is in nearby locations. In the app, users get a list of the taxi drivers along with the distance between them and current location of taxi drivers with options to make a call to them.

Talking about the User Interface of the app, Diwas Poudel, Project Lead at ‘Khai Taxi’ informed that they have made it very easy for the users to search for nearby taxis. “Just after downloading the app from Google Play Store and getting yourself registered and logged in, you can locate all the nearby taxis using ‘Khai Taxi’ service just by tapping the ‘hire taxi’ button,” he said. “You can order a cab directly from the nearest driver just by tapping the driver in the app to get his details and make a call to him to hire the taxi. It is as simple as that,” he explained.

'Khai Taxi' registered associate on duty!
‘Khai Taxi’ registered associate on duty!

Talking about the security of passengers, he said that it is of utmost concern. “As soon as you get into a taxi using Khai Taxi, you are our responsibility. Your safety is our concern,” said Poudel talking in the launching ceremony of the beta version of the app. “Keeping this in mind, we keep complete information on drivers and their driving background, license and everything before assigning them as a Khai Taxi affiliate Driver.”

So, what are you thinking? Search for ‘Khai Taxi’ in Play Store and start using! And make your travel easier!

As of now, The Beta Version of ‘Khai Taxi Service is available only on Android smartphones and is available for hire in Kathmandu valley only.’

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