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Within A Week The New Commerce Policy-2072 BS To Be Unveiled


Kathmandu, July 10, 2015: Sunil Bahadur Thapa Minister for Commerce and Supplies has declared that the new Commerce Policy-2072 BS will be unveiled within a week.

Minister Thapa said, the policy was being prepared by amending the Commerce Policy-2057 BS and based on the suggestions from different experts and industrialists, Speaking in the programme marking the 14th Annual General Assembly (AGM) of Nepal Pashmina Industry Association. Further he added the new policy would protect the industrialists by promoting the export of the domestic products.

Like wise the minister shared the country was running nine billion rupees in trade deficit and that agriculture. Besides that service, hydro-power and multi sectors should be strengthened to lessen the deficit. In the same way the business sector should play special role to achieve the millennium goal too.

Meanwhile, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Governor Dr Chiranjeevi Nepal stressed on policy level stability and political stability for promoting and strengthening the trade sector as it was one of the basis of the national economy.

According to  Nepal Chamber of Commerce Vice-president Dinesh Lal Shrestha and Association Vice-chair Durga Bikram Thapa, lack power storage, raw material, and  other causes were affecting the pashmina industry, pointing out the need of promoting this sector as the pashmina was in high demand in foreign markets.

There are more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and 20,000 workers are involved in the pashmina industry.


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