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At wit’s end: Students facing hard time after tuin snaps

Gorkha, March 19, 2017: A wire bridge, locally called tuin, over the Trishuli river linking Bhumlichok of Gandaki Village Council in Gorkha and Rolang of Jogimara in Dhading has snapped, leaving locals at their wit’s end, as it was the only means of crossing the river.

People now either have to swim or use rafting boats to cross the river. The tuin was constructed five years ago.

Ninety families live in Bhumlichok. Students have been affected the most after the tuin broke down.

Tilak Chepang, a teacher at Shankha Devi, said 30 students of Bhumlichok are facing a hard time reaching their school which is across the river.

“Twenty-six students have started staying in a hostel. The tuin string snapped at a time when examinations are going on,” he said, adding that some students swim across the river. “But this is risky.” Students said if they have to cross the river safely, they have to use a bridge, which is an hour’s walk from their village.

Shanti Chepang, a 12th grader at Shankhadevi Secondary School, said without the tuin, attending school has become a difficult affair.  Dhan Bahadur Chepang of Bhumlichok said locals knew the tuin would break down some day.

Lalu Gurung, a technician of District Technical Office, said one of the strings of the tuin has snapped.

While students are facing difficulties attending their schools, locals have not been able to take their produce, especially vegetables to the markets that are across the river. They are mulling over operating boats for a few days as water level at this time has receded.

Construction of a suspension bridge was started in August 2015, but only 20 percent of work has been completed so far.

Krishna Chepang, one of the Chepang leaders, said the delay was caused by contractor Dalanath Adhikari of Adhikari Construction Services. The contractor had to complete the construction by February, 2016, he said. Locals have demanded that the local authorities either construct the bridge or repair the tuin immediately.

By Sudip Kaini