Kathmandu, Aug. 6: Women activists have called for at least 50 per cent participation of women in the local bodies and administrative bodies.

At an interaction titled ‘Power Structure and Woman Participation’ held in the Capital City by the National Coordination Committee of Women and Politics, speakers complained that the political commitment for ensuring 33 per cent participation of women in state organ was not implemented.

On the occasion, Minister for Information and Communications, Dr Minendra Rijal, said that the participation of women in the central structure of the political parties was high but it is low at the subordinate structures.

“The more we go down the party’s organization the less participation of women we find and outside the CA it is very low,” Minister Rijal said. He reminded the women activists to focus on increasing women’s participation in various other sectors including civil service and business.

Similarly, Shanta Manavi, Constituent Assembly (CA) member from the CPN-UML said that women had to struggle not only in the street but also in their respective families. She said that it is time for women to emerge forward. “A mother who can run the family can run the country,” she claimed.

Chairperson of the National Coordination Committee of Women and Politics, Durga Ghimire, said that until women and the marginalized communities could come forward balanced development would be impossible. She said that after Nepal became Republic, it was decided to ensure 33 per cent women in the state apparatus, but the percentage is shrunk to 29 now in the CA.

“It should have increased but now it is down,” She said adding, “the parliament did not comply with its commitment.”

Chairperson Ghimire further said there were many state agencies having no proper representation of women.


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