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Women Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities


Kathmandu, March 15 2015: Following its vision of empowering women entrepreneurial mindset, youth Initiative successfully organized the workshop on “Women Entrepreneurship: challenges and opportunities” in 15th March, 2015 at Anamnagar Kathmandu. The distinguished guests of the program were Executive Director of Women development Advocacy Center and coordinator, CINED King’s College, Nanda Kishor Mandal  and Co Founder Chadani Pandey. Most of the Participants were from Yuwa Aviyan and Youth Initiatives besides that there were students from different organizations, university and media etc. thus more than 30 audience attended the event.

The major issue of the discussion was on challenges and opportunities in women entrepreneurship so on the question on how and why enterpreneurship? Nanda Kishor pandey explained, “ To become an entrepreneur one should be mentally prepared to innovate task. There is no scarce of resources but the way to grab and its proper mobility is lacking” he added.

He mainly focused on the importance of finding Passion, Interest and Dream within self who really want to become an entrepreneur. Moreover confidence, resources mobility, knowledge, risk taking ability etc are other factors that influence entrepreneurship. Likewise he also explained the major challenges for women entrepreneurship in Nepal i.e. Mind, Money and Muscles. Families and communities’ conservative mindset towards female entrepreneurs is another  difficulty and challenges for women to start own corporation.


Co founder ,Chadani talk about the major challenges and obstacles for the women to established as an entrepreneur, “ At first female’s selfchoice and their mindset has not being open and changes hasn’t yet arrived in their conservative thinking . Another problem is family constraints which depend upon how the women are developed and how they are nurture in the family and community. Like Excess and control  before and after marriage is another major hinderance.”  She also explained about the solutions that can be adopted to deal with such problems. She said, “Every women must develop the negotiation skill in every possible matters for proving their ideas, they should be aware about the opportunities that are existing but hasn’t been mobilized yet, Research should be done about the established female entrepreneurship for the inspiration and guidance and motivation after knowing their success and failure story”

Thus major concept that came from the discussion is that one should follow their passion, one should identify the demand within the existing problems, should brainstorm on what innovative can be done and Entrepreneurship should be given high priority like that of breathing the air. It is important to do need analysis  make legal framework and to develop working Morality(top to bottom and vice versa).Likewise being update with the government policies, market strategies, networking, soft skill and hard skills etc are most important aspects that influence the efficient entrepreneurship in Nepal.

The discussion was really interactive and more participative. Audience were really curious on women entrepreneurship: challenges and opportunities so questions regarding this issue were frequently raised by participants. The program was successful concluded by Naren Khatiwada representing Youth Initiative by expression the vote of thanks to all for their presence.

By: Sangita Tiwari


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