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“I won’t shave this winter”


With the increasing cold the number of people dying because of coldness is mounting every year.
Winter is being as a curse to the poor people. The poor and vulnerable people have no clue what
so ever how to cope this three months (Dec- Feb). The situation is even worse if we talk about
the people of Mountainous and Terai region. Every year we hear number of people die because
of cold heat waves in these region. Data from the Ministry of Home Affairs shows 69 casualties
in the year 2068 BS (2011/12) whereas only a single casualty due to the cold wave was reported
in the year 2069 BS (2012/13). But this winter season, the cold has taken lot more life. The data
is of only recorded death, there are still lot more death which are not recorded. The coldness in
this region is being so catastrophic, that the poor people have not enough resources to cope with
that. Lacking sufficient and safe shelters, warm clothing, good food and medical treatment is the
major cause of it. Furthermore, it is not just human lives that are at risk. Crops and livestock also
face danger from the extreme cold. Adding to the problem, the poor farmers cannot afford to lose
their investments due to the cold. To make it worse, the voice those people are never heard.
People are regularly dying because of coldness and the government continue to overlook at the

Dying because of cold is tragedy for a country itself. It’s a shame! Isn’t it? Nepal, a small
country having population of less than 3 Crore people, and the citizens of it are dying every year
because of cold, so sorrowful story. To add this, number of death is increasing every year. The
story till now have been, “people are regularly dying of coldness and on the other hand
Government keep on making excuses’’. Never tried for a better solution. But, this tragic situation
can be changed. If we are not able to bring that number down to zero by next year. At least we
can give our optimum effort to decrease that. Can’t we? Certainly we can. But the question is,
how the government and the people are prepared for such severe weather events? All we need is
awareness and humanitarian support to save the vulnerable people from the cold wave. The
collection and distributions of warm clothes, blankets and firewood, emergency cash and rations
are needed for the people of that region.

But, it is never expected from Government of Nepal to initiate such a needed steps without any
pressure from the citizens. So, I am ready to act as that small trigger to urge the Government and
the people. I will try to pressurize the government to take bold action very soon. No No! You
guessed wrong. To pressurize the government, I won’t be burning tyres and assaulting any
infrastructure of the country. I will be protesting not in rampant manner but in a quiet and peaceful
manner. No! You guessed it wrong again, I won’t be organizing any silence movement or any food
strike. Rather, I have planned a different way of protesting. I am protesting the government by
declaring a unique movement “I won’t shave this winter”. This Campaign is about not shaving
beard and moustaches whole winter. My campaign started about 50 days back and will continue
throughout this winter. I am getting lots of support from my colleagues and elders. On the other hand, this campaign is my satirical message to everyone that the protest can be done silently as
well, we needn’t have burn tyre or assault anything every time to show our unsatisfaction.
No matter, how will I look but I will keep striving for good cause. Along with appreciations, I
have also started receiving some comments about how ugly I am looking. Even in bus,
sometimes, conductors talk to me in Hindi. But, these things only motivates me. Not, sure
whether my campaign will be a massive success or not. But, at least it will content me that, I did
something for a good cause. I would be happy with myself that I at least tried to speak for those
unheard, poor and vulnerable people.

But, blaming Government every time, is not the sustainable solution. Not only the Government
but every single one of us can play a huge role to change the tragic scenario. If we all start giving
our small to society and the peoples. Then the scenario can be changed. As it said, to change
everything, we need everyone. So, if we unite than we can bring about change. And eventually,
every citizen will start enjoying the Right of Living without any fear in their mind.

By: Regan Sapkota ,Youth Activist


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