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Working Procedure For Agri Subsidy Introduced

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KATHMANDU, 03 NOV 2014 – Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD) on Sunday introduced a working procedure for its “Youth Centric Programme”. The scheme enables youths aged 18-50 years to get government subsidy for commercial farming of vegetables, mushroom, fishery and bee keeping.

The working procedure, which came into implementation following a secretary-level decision on Sunday, states those involved in commercial vegetable farming will have to bear half of the cost, either in cash or kind, and half will be made available by the government  per scheme.

Here, “scheme” means business proposal.

An individual can get a maximum subsidy of Rs 40,000 per scheme in mountain and hill districts, while the figure goes up to Rs 60,000 per scheme for Tarai. “An individual cannot propose more than one scheme,” said Jaya MoAD Secretary Mukunda Khanal.

To avail the subsidy, one should arrange two plastic houses along with sprinkle irrigation facility for commercial vegetable farming in hill and mountain districts. The youths have to do farming on five ropanies of land in a season hill and mountain districts. Tarai youths should have at least a bigha of land, but they have to do farming twice a year.

As far as fishery is concerned, an individual gets Rs 50,000 per scheme. To avail the facility, a youth should do fishery on at least 4 kaththas of land in Tarai and 1.5 ropanies in hills. For mushroom farming, the farmers have to bear 10 percent of the cost either in cash or kind. A total of 20 youths should come together, and they will Rs 800,000 per cluster. A cluster should have 80 plastic houses with one youth having at least four such houses.

Those involved in bee keeping will get a maximum of 75 percent of total cost. Like mushroom farming, a group of 20 youths should involve in bee keeping per cluster to get a combined amount of Rs 3.6 million. A cluster should have 400 bee hives, with one farmer having 20 hives.

Khanal said the number of youths should be neither lees or nor more than 20 per cluster for both bee keeping and mushroom farming.

After receiving the first instalment of the subsidy, a farmer can get the second instalment based on evaluation of the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) or Agriculture Service Centre (ASC).

Source: eKantipur


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