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Works Resume On Three Delayed Mega-Projects

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BUTWAL, 26 NOV 2014 – Work on three mega-projects with a cumulative investment of Rs 870 million stalled due to dispute among locals has resumed.

The construction of Waste Processing Centre (WPC), infrastructure development of Auto Village and installation of underground water supply lines at Butwal 9 and 10, initiated under the assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) had been stalled for the past four years. The ADB had allocated approximately Rs 370 million for the WPC; Rs 270 million for Auto Village, and Rs 220 million for the water supply project. The projects, scheduled to be completed by 2015, were Ltd to land mapping due to dispute among local people.

Of the three, work on the most disputed water supply project started a month ago following the approval of 64 percent or 2,034 locals, said executive officer Dhurba Bahadur Khadka of Butwal municipality. Project chief Suman Shrestha informed that they had started working on the project in a manner that would make up for the lost time. Shrestha said the projects had been delayed due to dispute brought on by political parties over petty issues. “The projects have entered the implementation phase after the disputes were cleared at the local level,” he said.

Although local consumers and political parties had initially agreed to the project addressing water woes in the region, the row between various political parties over issues regarding formation of consumers’ committee and its leadership halted the project.

Under the agreement, the ADB will provide 50 percent of the construction cost, while 35 percent will be borrowed from the Town Development

Fund (TDF) and the rest

to be covered through local contribution.

Work on infrastructure development of the nation’s model Ujur Singh Auto Village had been delayed after some businessmen staged a protest, demanding land ownership in the initial phase.

However, the businessmen have started registering as public Ltd and share distribution following the agreement with theADB, said Chairperson of Auto Engineers’ Association, Butwal Kewal Prasad Yadav. Under the agreement, 50 percent cost of the public-private partnership project will be acquired in ADB grant, 30 percent will be borne by businessmen and 20 percent will be provided by the TDF.

Similarly, five hectares of land of Shivanagar Community Forest area at Shivanagar, Butwal-9 has been nominated for the construction of the WPC after a study on environmental impact. The land has since been approved by the District Forest Office and the Cabinet. The project will be implemented with 84 percent assistance from the ADB, eight percent loan from the TDF and eight percent from local participation.

Source: eKantipur


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