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Workshop informs startup founders the importance of digital marketing


Kathmandu, May 20, 2017: Communicating one’s message to mass was so expensive and back-breaking until the rise of the Digital world which hence gave birth to digital marketing, which inherently stood to be the best and viable means of marketing channel among various marketing tools to market any product or message to their target market effectively. And yes, startups, initiations by teams of determined people to bring about a change needs to aware people about their existence and their work. Digital marketing has become the best millennium gift to startups of today as they can now communicate with people with less or no investment rather more effectively and quickly than the traditional means of marketing channels.

So, to help startup learn and become capable of using the digital marketing tools effectively, Everest School of Startups (ESOS Pvt. Ltd.) on Friday, May 19, conducted a training program on the importance of digital marketing for startups. The participants in the programme gained insights about the digital marketing platforms and tools, and how they can make optimum utilization of these tools to communicate and market themselves to a bigger mass.

The highlight of the program was the live video session by Er. Yasir Zahoor Rather from Dubai who is currently working as the Head of Digital Marketing & Strategy at DIGISLED, a Dubai-based company and also a Google Academy Trainer. It was a very interactive question and answer session, where Yasir answered all the questions from the participating startup founders who wanted to make a great use of digital marketing. As a digital marketing expert, he shared his experience and knowledge to participants and showed them the value and power of Digital Marketing by saying, “Digital does not have any limitation. That means you can market yourself or your product to any corner of the world where there is a reach of digital technology.”

Live video session by Er. Yasir Zahoor Rather

Neha Suwal from Jyaasa Technologies, a newly founded startup shared the workshop was very beneficial for her. “Through this session, I gained valuable information and techniques from Yasir Sir which we are very eager to use for our digital reach to people,” she said.

Neha Suwal