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Workshop on ‘Sustainable Tourism Initiative Nepal’ conducted in Rasuwa District


RASUWA: Girls Empowered by Travel (GET) – Nepal conducted a nine-day program in the Gre Village of Rasuwa district with the purpose of disseminating information on sustainable tourism among the villagers.

A team of seven members had gone from Kathmandu to Gre Village which is 132 km away to prepare the local entrepreneurs of the village to build sustainable tourism businesses. The program inculcated many aspects to empower the local women residents of Rasuwa Village including English language training, training on waste management, communication about homestay businesses and training on menstrual hygiene.

The program witnessed active participation from 14 women. There isn’t even a single homestay in Rasuwa district and the people there often confuse homestay with a tea-house.

The nine-day workshop on sustainable tourism clearly defined homestay for the participants and also gave the participants a chance to learn how they could run their own homestay business. There has been a positive response from the participants and many of the local residents have gone to the length of undertaking the process of homestay registration.

The team of GET-Nepal conducted the program keeping in mind the vision of Nepal Government regarding sustainable tourism and the team looks forward to bringing in more plans for the development of the village.