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Workshop teaches youngsters to become successful YouTubers


Kathmandu, August 16, 2016: Seeing a growing trend of starting YouTube channels by the youngsters in Nepal, and realizing the importance of providing guidance to the upcoming young YouTubers, Edushala recently organized a workshop to teach them on utilizing the platform effectively.

Currently, there are various types of YouTube channels in existence, e.g. tutorials, Do It Yourself (DIY) Videos, Product Reviews, Vlogs, Gaming Videos, Comedy/Skit Videos, Educational Videos, Q&A Videos and many more. It is not just about sharing videos on YouTube that is drawing so much of attention; it is about the reach through which a person gets recognized by using YouTube and making money at the same time. And, getting views, likes and shares on YouTube are not that easy as it looks. There are so many things one needs to learn to become a successful YouTuber from the video concept to the story content, and from technical aspects to targeting the right audience.IMG_1006

Having this very belief, Edushala had conducted its Hero Course of the Month, “Learn to be a YouTuber with Aayush Rimal”. A well-known YouTuber with more than 7.5 million views in total, Rimal has become one of the most successful YouTubers of Nepal at such a young age. A student of Film-Making at Tarrant County College in Texas, and back in Nepal for his summer break, Rimal was excited to be facilitating the workshop as he was also looking for opportunities to share his knowledge regarding YouTube.


In the workshop, Rimal shared his journey and guided and mentored the participants to become a successful YouTuber like him. In the 2 hours long duration of workshop, the participants got to learn many tips and tricks on how to run a successful YouTube channel and make their mark. In the session, Rimal had focused more on creating the content, editing, MNC, AdSense and other technical aspects of YouTube which many of the participants were unaware of.

Moreover, Rimal also shared about how many of his well-wishers send him messages with numerous queries and ask him for suggestions.

The participants at the workshop were also given a project for making a video and share it to him. The the best video will get to be featured on his YouTube channel.