Home Technology World Summmit Awards announces rainbow of 40 outstanding Applications as 2016 winnners

World Summmit Awards announces rainbow of 40 outstanding Applications as 2016 winnners


CHALLENGING THE ZEITGEIST OF DIGITAL – Change making projects innovate mobile support for refugees, inclusive environments, early breast cancer detection and more

Salzburg, March 21, 2017: Exploring a foreign city is an often perplexing experience, when one has to rely on a wheelchair. Focusing on the same, the Brazilian developers of guiaderodas offer an overview of accessible sights, public transport and even restaurants in more than 400 cities and 32 countries. Guiaderodas is one of five winners in the World Summit Awards (WSA) -mobile category Inclusion & Empowerment.

Similarly, Germany’s accepting of refugees in 2015/16 has been global hall mark. The platform Arriving  deals with easy misunderstandings, cultural differences and support for hundred thousands of migrants, providing information about labour market, asylum procedures, and intercultural understanding. Arriving is an excellent example of WSA-mobile category Government & Citizen Engagement.

WSA-mobile 2016 challenged the zeitgeist of twitter politics, hate postings and shitstorms by presenting a rainbow of innovation from Mexico to Bangladesh, from Nigeria to Austria. Be it a tool for diagnosing breast cancer, educational games for kids or new interactive ways to participate in politics, the WSA Winners 2016 offer a vast spectre of digital innovation globally.

“To drive meaningful and relevant digital innovation, digital developers and producers do outstanding work when serving local needs and compare theirs with others of global excellence. WSA recognizes innovation with social impact, and challenges the state of affairs of today for a better tomorrow,” says WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck, adding, “The winners of 2016 are an outstanding example of this momentum, matching local solutions to local needs, with global relevance. WSA highlights the diversity and richness in digital content with a positive impact on a better society.”

The World Summit Award is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The award promotes and recognizes the uniqueness of digital innovation with impact on society, and it is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches the mobile community in over 178 countries.