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World Village Leadership Camp 2019

Baduy Tribe is one of the most indigenous tribe in Indonesia and the world. Baduy Tribe lives deep in the remote highland jungles, of Mount Kendeng, West Java. It’s only 150 Km from capital Jakarta with few signs of modern development. Baduy tribe lives much as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. They have been managing to survive living in nature without electricity, chemical materials, cars, phone, or any forms of modern touch. They dedicate their life to protect the nature and environment. World Village Leadership Camp 1.0 aims to mobilize and bring together youth from around the world to learn about the LOCAL WISDOM of Baduy Village Original Culture and unlock the gates leading to be global movement to save the earth. This program will consist of inspirational workshop session, social action activities with Baduy tribe, Baduy cultural exploration, and sustainability development project.
The curriculum
1. Introduction of youth to the beautiful village of Baduy.
2. To urge the future peace maker to join hands in pursuit of global peace and learn thought diversity and tolerance
3. To improve the drafting skills with analytical thinking, diversity, tolerance, creativity and team work
4. To empower delegates with the social awareness and self-competence to make peace project with local people.
1.FUTURE LEADER ACTION IN BADUY VILLAGE: The delegates will learn about Baduy heritage experience (People living without gadget, and ignoring the modern style), visiting baduy village and learn about local wisdom.
2. INSPIRATIONAL SESSION: Motivational Session features prominent speakers from around the globe, From the Major, stakeholder, NGO, trainers, there’ll be a lot of insight to be shared here at the center stage with grand theme “Culture heritage in the Digital Age”, it offers full of meaningful hours and inspiring session.
3. IDEATION AND CULTURE LAB: With expert coaches and specialized skills leading our comprehensive master classes, delegate will be able to upgrade their skills and gain valuable village industries and peace project knowledge, thus maximizing their experience to the fullest.
4. CLOSING AND DINNER: This program is held to help delegates break the ice and get to know the diverse group from around the world. The attendees will also include government officials, ambassadors providing the perfect portal for delegates to seek guidance and expand their networks.
For non Indonesian, this program will cost USD $ 150 per person which includes:
1. Local Transportation
2. Camp 4 days 3 night
3. Entrance All session
4. Baduy Exclusive Village Tour
5. Fullboard Meals
6. International Certificate by Government
7. Lifetime Experience
1. Youth from around the world, age between 15th– 30th years old
2. Interested in culture, environment, leadership issues
3. Having good personality and attitude
4. Having good communication skill and knowledge
5. Able to pay Program Fee
6. No Need English Practice
For more information visit the website, the link is given below:
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