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World’s biggest ammonite in peril

Condition of guru Dayal still unknown
Condition of guru Dayal still unknown

Phalewas (Parbat), Dec 11, 2014: An ammonite stone, arguably the biggest in the world, situated at the border between Gulmi and Syangja districts is in peril, due to the last year’s flood that damaged the circular wall protecting it.

Tourists, both in-country and foreign, dread to visit this place housing the religious stone because of the damaged path around it that was built around five years ago at the cost of Rs 5 million.

According to Hari Parajuli, the priest at the temple where the ammonite is ensconced, earlier some 500 tourists had been to the temple since the ammonite stone is believed to be an incarnation of the Hindu God Bishnu and circumambulating the stone would help fulfill one’s wishes.

But since the land around the stone caved in during the construction of the protection wall, the damaged wall has added to the awe of the pilgrim tourists to this holy shrine.

Locals opined that preservation of the stone is also essential in view of tourism.



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