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Worlds Largest Human National Flag Live In Nepal


9:40 am, August 21st, Kathmandu, Nepal

 Above 30,000 Nepalese have gathered in the ground of  Tundikhel already. The national  human flag is being formed. Each and every individual is holding a placard of different colour to form our Unique Flag now. The organizers are  motivating participants to stand and display the cards. Volunteers are working hard to manage the massive crowd and make shape of flag  accurate.

When it comes for unity in diversity, our Nepalese act as exemplars. Together we stand, divided we fall. With this feeling  every Nepali is standing here to represent it.  The ground is filthy and muddy yet,everyone is willing to stand together for creating something huge.

Within next few minutes, our nation will be creating a World Record of Largest Human National Flag. It is a great moment for all the Nepalese living in different parts of the world.

Will be updating more soon!!


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