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I write because writing is power!


I started writing the moment I fell in love with my first book. I was studying at grade 4 when my mother had taken me to a book fair. Being surrounded by so many books, I understood the power of the written words. Writers string together letters into words and words into sentences which would make the readers gain knowledge by using their imaginations and experience something different.

Writing is a power. I write because with my words, I have the power to bend the readers to my will. When I am writing, I transport them into another world; another galaxy full of emotions that they never thought would be real. I spin people, places out of thin air, with only the alphabets to my side.

The first story I wrote was a story about a person I dislike. For some reason, I was angry with this one specific person, and I went home angry, sat down on my desk and started to plan my revenge. But instead of planning out a complete plan, I wrote them into my story. In that instance, I weaved together a universe where I had made people and places come to life.

Writing is a form of escape. You write to create something different from what you have now and immerse yourself and your readers into that world. You create a secret garden for yourself, a nook in your brain where you can go to relax. But you for your readers, what you write provides them with relief, may be a momentary distraction or lifelong infatuation.

I believe that everyone should write. As words have more power and potential than any of us can imagine and it rarely gets utilized. Everyone among us has a story hidden inside them and writing is a form of expressing that and letting it out. When you are writing, you create a hole in the fabric of reality and open a portal to another, one where you have the power and where you are the creator. It is that sense of exhilaration and authority I get, when I write.

By Avani Adhikari

The writer is A-level student at Rato Bangala School.