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Yanamalai Heritage Site Redeemed by Youngsters


Chennai, October 18, 2013: Yanamalai is a heritage site near Madurai (Tamil Nadu) where Jain Beds and Inscriptions in Tamil Brahmi letters can be found. However, this five acres stretch near Yanamalai was full of Prospis Julifora ( an invasive exotic tree) which was recently cleared entirely by the youngsters of the Y Kodikulam village without waiting for the authorities to take actions.

They have cleared a huge area of five acre of land which previously was full of the Julifora tress and planted 250 saplings of native tree species.

People who regularly visit the area for heritage walks are extremely happy with the proactive attitude of the youth and see this as a welcoming change for the landscape.

Not stopping with 250 tree saplings, the youngsters have decided to plant 1,000 trees in the cleared land. “From our elderly people we learnt the heritage of our village and wanted to do something for it. We will turn the village green by planting more trees in the coming months,” said V Raja, a youth from the village.

By: Shyam Gowtham.V.

Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Chennai


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