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Yantra 4.0 Art, Tech, Science festival Concludes


Friday, December, 2016: Yantra is National Art|Tech|Science fest jointly organised by Robotics Association of Nepal, Siddhartha Art Foundation, and Karkhana Private Limited. This annual program has been the major platform for Tech enthusiast and is now back with the fifth version : Yantra 4.0 Art, Tech, Science festival.

ani yoThis fifteen days long Art and Tech Exhibition started on December 16 at the Art council Babar mahal. This exhibition had many different pieces. The touch me not, irritating machine, Homework: them game, sarangi ect. Focused in the theme of adaptation, Yantra 4.0 will focus mainly on the ways to help the victims of the massive earthquake of April 25.

yoyo1The participants will have to build a robot that has to automatically cross the wooden blocks and controlled by android application to complete specific tasks for delivering rahat packages. Likewise, Yantra Manual Akhada is an open competition, like a sumo wrestling, one manual robot has to push other out of game arena while Yantra Automatic Akhada is also similar to sumo wrestling, where robot has to push other out of game arena without human intervention. The three events are open to all interested participants. However, in Yantra Racer participants of below 18 years age group will participate and have to build an automatic white line tracking robot and race with others.

“The team getting highest point in delivering and making the bridges Towards The Center will win the prize worth Rs 150,000. Likewise, the fastest and accurate robots in Yantra Racer will win prize worth Rs 75,000 while the winner of

Yantra Manual Akhada will receive prize worth Rs 75,000. And similary, the winner of Yantra Automatic Akhada

will win Rs 50, 000,” informed Khanal. RAN is looking after the entire event of NRC whereas Karkhana Pvt Ltd and

Siddhartha Art Foundation are also involved as the co-organisers of Yantra 4.0.

By: Srijan Baral, Photo journalist of Glocal Khabar

Photo: Srijan Baral


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