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‘Yatri’ – photo exhibition for winter drive


Lalitpur, January 6, 2016: The Gorkha Earthquake led to the deaths of over 8,000 people, injuries to many while countless homes were turned into rubbles. As the nation still mourns for the dead ones, the ones who have survived are facing similar circumstances due to cold. As reported by different media, a total of 20 individuals have died due to extreme weather conditions.

‘Yatri’ is a travel-photo exhibition initiated by freelance photographer Kaushal Raj Sapkota to collect donations for the most vulnerable people – pregnant women, infants, children, old-aged people and physically challenged population – of Gorkha with the sale of photographs and books and through donations.

All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the ‘Nyano Sansar’ — project of Nepal Share. Nepal Share is a social initiative which began last year to cater the acute needs of desperate people who have been facing difficult times to withstand extreme winter cold. With their project Nyano Sansar, the team has already catered over 5,000 families with special focus on the elderlies, infants and children. They have been distributing blankets, reusable clothes and basic medical care.

The exhibition displays around 30-35 pictures taken during the photographer’s travel in Nepal, India and USA. There are portraits, landscapes and abstract photos in the collection.

The event will be held from January 8, 2016 to January 17, 2016 in Bikalpa Art Centre (Caf̩), Pulchowk, Lalitpur Рadjacent to Godrej and Meconopsis, opposite of Falano and Sajha Petrol Pump.


Sponsors of the event include Ideas and Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Dish Media Network, Himalaya TV, Sherpa Adventure Outlet – the NorthFace Nepal, King’s College and Urban Girl.


The event is being managed by Dev Consulting Group.


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