“Yet we are complacent to take initiatives collectively”- President Abdul  

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"Yet we are complacent to take initiatives collectively"- President Abdul  

Kathmandu,26 Nov 2014: President of Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul has said that SAARC needs to review its priorities and goals, and the ultimate reason for which it was established.

In his inaugural address to the 18th SAARC Summit underway the City Hall, President Abdul, the outgoing Chairperson of SAARC , said SAARC must now tune itself to reality and not lag behind. “We continue to be led rather that lead.”

“In 30 years time SAARC has held many meetings and it has contributed in raising trust and confidence in the people”, he said.

Referring to the summit held in Kathmandu in the dawn of the millennium 12 years ago, President Abdul said we had hoped for poverty eradication but lets us renew our commitments.

The Maldivian President also said without trade and commerce we cannot improve the lives of our people.

“The Impact of climate change is most effective in South Asia, yet we are complacent to take initiatives collectively”, he said.

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