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YFAW : An Appreciable Youth Spirit for Uplifting Agriculture


Youth For Agri Welfare (YFAW) is a rising established NGO, completely led by the dedicated youths of Lamjung. It has been contributing in the agriculture sector and creating different youth opportunities keeping Lamjung as the main working area. Balkrishna Dahal, the current vice president of YFAW is a young agriculture entrepreneur and a local NGO leader who has been working hard to expand the activities of YFAW.

Generation of the idea

The idea of YFAW emerged in 2015, when four energetic youths : Sanjay Kalfe, Bibek Dhital, Narendra Pokharel and Ashok Adhikari decided to do something for the society. It was a great challenge for them to work together as a team because of their political differences.  Lamjung Campus, being the government university, was highly impacted from politicization making it too dangerous for the people from different parties to work under the same roof. Balkrishna mentions that this was the main reason to establish this organization. They wanted to prove than in order to contribute in the society , one must not be confined to the politics and unity is what that reduces the barriers of political diversity.Hence, YFAW came in exertion to initiate a transformative movement.

Plan in Action

The first effort of YFAW begun with a cleanliness campaign and the ‘Application of Bordeaux Paint’ on the perennial trees under the premises of Lamjung Campus.After that, the organization took its plan to a next level by the project named ‘Fish Farming’ where they provided technical assistance and partial financial support to the farmers of Lamjung to rear five different breeds of fish.

The newly evolved technology of ‘System of Rice Intensification’ was executed to conduct the grass root research of the farmer’s field. Similarly, a seven day project: ‘Permaculture Farm Designing Training’ was organized in Phalewas, Parbat where YFAW informed the farmers about how to raise diversified crops throughout the year. Recently, it has also organized a ‘Rabbit Farming’ training for the local people in collaboration with the local government and Kharayo Group Nepal.

YWAN  has organized several leadership programs to empower the youth such as COPin My City,Communication Skills and Proposal Writing,YFAWChildren’s Club and The Talk Show on USYC and Social Media. In order to provide a platform to discuss , share and learn about several issues, it has begun ‘Friday Discussion Forum’ where every friday, debates,discussions, presentation and storytelling covering various topics are carried out.

YFAW is also playing an appreciable role to advance the narrow mindset of the society. ‘Respect Farmers Campaign’ is its new campaign to safeguard the dignity of farmers as a respectful profession. Similarly,the next project ‘Female Health Campaign’ is providing awareness on Menstrual Health, for the young girls as well as boys.

Balkrishna said,” For the last 3 years, YFAW has been registered in the local government as NGO based in Lamjung and Social Welfare Council  that is dedicated to work for Youth, Agriculture and Community Development. Every evening, 11 youths gather in the incubation hub to groom themselves. Anyone entering the office will be surprised to see the setting of office walls pasted with Responsibility Chart, Personal Weakness Minimization Chart, 11 personal letter pouches, each for an individual, Working Calendar, and a lot many things. In the circle of 11 people, each team mate seeks to learn from one another and work on their personal development while inspiring and motivating the rest to do the same.’

Future plan of YFAW

Mr Dahal is planning to take this organization to the national level. YFAW has scheduled to create national network of youths to share opportunities and weakness in Nepalese agriculture system. He said,’ In  the meantime, we don’t have any extension system as all of our structures has been collapsed. We have a dream that every farmer owns his own vehicle.We want more youths to collaborate with us. Nepal has a huge prospect for development and this is only possible if we all manage to be a good student, a good child, a good teacher or a good citizen.We are working for the nation, for the agriculture and for the people.So, please join us. Together we can.

By: Ruby Shah