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A Young Martial Artist of Nepal – Sasman Basnet


‘Martial Art is an art of hand and leg’

A man has millions of desires, thousands of wishes, and a big passion. Similarly, Sasman Basnet is the young martial artist of Nepal sparkling bright among those millions of desire and thousands of wishes.

Sasman Basnet, 16 years old young lad, is an amazing Taekwondo player in the Nepali Martial art field consisting of eminent artists. He has won two gold medals in international tournaments, and also two inter school tournaments. Basnet has sketched himself as an international player making Nepal proud by representing himself as the first Asian Champion in 2017, Best Fighter in 3rd Indo- Nepal Friendship Taekwondo Championship Nepal (sparing) and World Championship Medalist ITF 2016. He has won Gold and Silver medals in Mt. Everest Open International Goodwill Taekwondo Championship 2015 (pattern). He also likes to play Basketball and work in the field and engage himself in agriculture.

True inspiration comes from within

His journey in Martial Art started in 2007. He regards his Dad as an idol of Taekwondo. “My dad is international trainer and referee. My sister, Sasmini Basnet, is also an international player. May be, that is what dragged me into Taekwondo while I was a child. I was always supported by my friends as well,” Basnet shares his first step in Taekwondo. He has been part of 4th and 5th training camps in 2008 and 2010. Also, he has taken Master Michael Muleta Goodwill Master Class 2015 and President Choi Jung Hwa’s Seminar in Incheon, South Korea, 2017.

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Hard work counts for self-satisfying success

Failure is not fun but the moments created during failure are the power to change yourself if we revive our memories. Likewise, Basnet practices two hours daily in the evening time. He goes to different tournaments and gains different new techniques of Martial Arts.

After yearlong practices, Basnet was finally honored with Best Male Player Award 2010. Then, eventually he received Best Sportsman Award twice by Vidhya Vikas Higher Secondary School in 2014 and 2015.

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His Dreams

Basnet takes Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, a Pioneer who brought Marshal Arts in America in the 1960s, as his inspiration. “He is more than 70 years of age, and does 100 push-ups in a minute. Likewise, his new idea of musical martial arts in those days is quite impressive. I too work hard to be a trainer like him,” Basnet shares with enthusiasm.

He has recently started training Taekwondo to young enthusiasts in Bhaktapur, and set an example for all to follow. Basnet dreams to see his trainees taking part in international tournaments, winning medals, and making our Nepal proud like he did.

Presentation: Batsala Rajdhami