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Youth, Energy And The Fertile Minds


“We have a powerful potential in youths and we must have the courage’s to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power towards good ends.” – Mary Mcleod Bethune.

Youth is defined as a “power, freshness, vigor, spirits, etc. also plays a superficial role in the development of a nation. In today’s generation, youth are given opportunities to execute their idea and apply into action. Youth are energetic and are capable to achieve their dreams. But some of them follow their passion and hardly achieve their dream.

The greatest treasure and durability of any nations is “Youth”. Youth have a power to bring a change, which needs to be assisted in a decisive way in time. Nowadays, criminal activities are increasing day by day may be due to lack of proper guidance. Youth can bring a change with their innovative and creative ideas.  All we need is to motivate the youth in a way so that they can empower other youths to make tomorrow better. Most of the youth lacks prospective towards the development of the country. So, we have to make youths competent so that they can serve the society and do better for themselves.

Youth’s mind is full of fascinating thoughts and ideas; but it is difficult to change the imagination into reality due to challenges like age barriers, misconception and mistrust. Youth can achieve more than they think and we have to have faith on them and drive them forward. Youths have a little vague mind that needs to be sharpen and given explicit direction. There are many constructive platforms to showcase their talents like conferences, competitions, events, etc. Youth can also contribute to their societal development and make things be in the right place bringing positivity in society.

Youths are the prosperity of nation and outlook for our better future. Giving them a guideline can give them the delightful status and a privilege to country itself.  Youths can also support other under privileged youths who have bright ideas and all together can make world a better place to live. Thus, youth need to realize their responsibility and potentiality that they have, sharpen their ability and conquer the world.

Barsha Malla Thakuri