Home Education Youth from Nuwakot invent 21 different equipmenst

Youth from Nuwakot invent 21 different equipmenst

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Kathmandu, June 4, 2018: Youths from ‘Nuwakot Youth Club’ invented 21 different types of modern and electronic equipments.

Diploma in engineering students from Likhu Rural Municipality who are associated with the club have invented different modern aplliances including drone, security survelliance equipments, hydraulic dozer, sensor and other modern equipments. The inventions were showcased at Narayan Devi High School in the rural municipality.

Nareshwor Neupane, president of the club said the inventions were made with the knowledge derived from science books in the school level textbooks and the books that are taught at the Institute of  Engineering . Only the students who passed out from the Souvenir School in Battar are associated with the club, he added.