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Youth into entrepreneurship


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.

In this world of competition, how many people have stepped in the field of entrepreneurship in their young age? In case of Nepal, very less. The main reason for this is the educational structure. From our school days we are centric to theoretical knowledge, asked to study hard, mug up textbooks so that you get good grades just to get a better job, rather than teaching us to create our own.

When we talk about business, it’s said that this requires a lot of time and resources, which is further discouraging. I wonder why we don’t talk about other skills like communication, organization, creativity, innovation, responsibility and the list goes on. Even a good businessman is struggling writing an email because they never had the taste of this side, which is equally important along with studies and experiences.

It is not necessary that you will make a profit in your first business or a startup if you are new in this field. It is said that most people fail in their first year of the business but this doesn’t mean you don’t give a second try, also as we know failure is inevitable. Thomas Edison is one of the best example not to give up. As an inventor he made 9999 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulbs but he never gave up. He took ever failure as a step ahead to something big and he saw the height of success. This can be the inspiration for youth to begin their journey now because it is never too early or never too late to step up. Also youth should be engaging themselves in the field of their interest because now you have time, support from parents and no more responsibilities. You can now try, fail and most importantly know what will work for you and what will not. So why not try, experiment and explore?

We have a wrong interpretation about entrepreneurship that this is just for adults. Do you have any business idea? Do you have customers? Then you are already in this field, you have a business. We get the most creative and innovative ideas from the youth but they hold themself saying it’s difficult and far from their reach. This is also because we don’t provide such education or trainings which would tell us how to do it, and people step back with their great ideas.

Saugat Tiwari is one of the great example. He started at the young age and now has an eco-friendly business venture. He is co-founder of Nepal Eco Club and Founder of Naxal Group. He had a concept of putting plants before profits and believed in it. Also he was one of the participants of Glocal Teen Hero 2018 which gave him platform to reach the audience and tell about his business and the ideas he had. Glocal Teen Hero is a platform that is exclusively for the teenagers that recognize their initiation, creativity and enthusiasm so as to empower them. If he can come up with a small idea, share it and make it big, why can’t you? Glocal Teen Hero 2019 to be held on September 1, 2019.