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Youth Organization ‘Youth Hand For Helpline’ Kick Starts Formally


Actions bring change, rather than condemning each other for what has been done wrong in the past.

With the slogan as mentioned above, a youth-oriented organization has been formally launched in the town.

The population of youths in Nepal, compared to that of other age groups is historic high. But, in lack of proper management of the youths, they have not been able to utilize their passion and energy towards the betterment of the nation.

Youth Hand For Helpline

Launched with the presidentship of Prabesh Rai, the organization, Youth Hand For Helpline, strives to show that with enhancing of the capabilities of youths, a vibe can be created that we can contribute something positive for the nation. “We will accomplish many public and development oriented works in our near future,” Rai further said.

Though started working towards the social welfare since the last one year, with a tediously long struggle, they have now been successful to get registered as a Non-Governmental Organization under the Social Welfare Council, becoming legitimately authorized to work towards their vision.

“At Youth Hand For Helpline we believe that change is possible in our own lifetime. The organization will always stand for the youths, the ones of our age and generation who are willing to come out of comfort zone and break the orthodox notion: youths cannot do anything, and show to the world that youths have power and can utilize that power in the right place.

“We will be working on the issues related to the Health, Education, Employment, Environment and Human Rights. Youths willing to join our hands for self-empowerment and strengthening ourselves are always welcomed to the team,” Rai shared the vision and strategy of the organization.

The organization has already established a well-stuffed library in a rural village in Saptari District.

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Youth Hand For Helpline