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Youth organizations kick-off ‘#YOUthVoteNepal’ campaign for local election


Kathmandu, April 3, 2017: As many as a dozen youth organizations inside the Kathmandu valley have launched ‘#YOUthVoteNepal’, an awareness and youth involvement campaign focused on the local election scheduled for May 14th. Initiated with a mission to aware all the youths to vote in the election, the campaign aims to promote youth participation in the election through the massive use of social media along with various other youth-centered activities.

A collective campaign by various youth organizations to make the youth aware of election-related issues, #YOUthVoteNepal seeks to promote youth leadership and address queries related to children, youth, and women among others. Achel Natya Samuha, YUWA Nepal, Creation Society Nepal, YAV Nepal, Youth Initiative Nepal, Active Youth Society, Glocal Khabar, Saathi Sanga Man Ka Kura, ‘We’ for Change, and Yuwalaya are the campaigning organizations for the election.

The campaign has also unveiled the hashtag #YOUthVoteNepal and requests all the youths to use it while discussing election-related issues on social media.

Memorandum handed over

Similarly, as part of the campaign, the organizations affiliated to #YOUthVoteNepal on Monday, April 3, submitted a memorandum to the Executive Director of Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB), Mr. Tarak Dhital making him concerned to the issues of violation of child rights that might happen in the election.

In the memorandum, #YOUthVoteNepal requested Dhital to ensure that children would not be used in election campaigns by parties and stop using schools as a venue for carrying out election-related activities by the political parties, and give due respect to rights of children. The campaigners also requested the CCWB to inform and educate children across the nation about elections.

Accepting the memorandum letter, Dhital mentioned that CCWB is highly concerned about these issues. He also informed that CCWB is working on these issues, and assured of making efforts for the same in the days ahead.

On Monday itself, the campaigners handed over a memorandum letter to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Hon’ble Chairman, Anup Raj Sharma, making him concerned to the various activities carried out by parties in election campaign that might violate human rights of children, women, and other various groups; play a role to mitigate these issues, and aware the government, political parties and other authorities concerned about the same.

In response, Sharma informed that that NHRC will carry out a comprehensive monitoring of election related activities by various political parties to ensure that there won’t be any such cases. He further informed that they are communicating with Election Commission for the same and assured that children won’t be used in the election related campaigns, and no such cases of violence of human rights would be reported in the election.

Moreover, the campaigners would also be handing over memorandum letters to various political parties.

Handing over memorandum to NHRC Chairman Anup Raj Sharma