Educational Tour in Germany by the Students of Southwestern State College

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Educational Tour in Germany by the Students of Southwestern State College

The students of Southwestern State College had completed their 15 days educational tour in Germany to exchange their educational and cultural experience each other. The programme was formally invited by City Council of Herzberg, Germany, Intercultural Center of Herzberg and German Esperanto Group so far.

This educational tour was organized due to show the Nepalese culture in Germany, educational experience of Nepal to the German students and to know the educational achievement done by the German students. As we know German is very rich in art and culture and the oldest mutual nation of Nepal too so Nepalese students have shown their interest to study the art and culture of Germany.

Under the headship of the Vice-Principal of the College (Southwestern State College) Mr. Hari Singh KC the students of Bachelor and +2 level had moved to Germany for the educational tour. When the students were in Germany, they visited the historical city Frankfort, Berlin, Herzberg, Hydrillberg and Collin. As well they also visited many Universities like Berlin University, EMA Gymnasia’s School ,and historical wall of Berlin, parliament of German respectively. Altogether there were thirty seven students from Bachelor and plus two level. The students had shown their talent in Nepalese art, culture like Newari song, National Anthem turn by turn to the Mayor Lutz Peters, Ex- Mayor Gerhard Walter, Vice Mayor Ulrich Schramke, Political Leaders and the mass of University students.

In the welcome program of the students from German, the mayor of Herzberg  city says “We get many more practices in art and culture so we feel very proud and in the coming days also that type of program will be continued”. In the special tour the General Secretary Mr. Kumar Panta of NRN (Non residence of Nepalese) has welcomed the Nepalese students. By that programme:Mr. Lutz Peters  further adds that it’s very easy to exchange the cultural as well as social with mutual relationship in-between Nepal and Germany. The students had been every excited by that programme.

Finally Mr. Hari Singh KC who is the Vice Principal as well as the coordinator of that progrmme said this educational tour gives a new light in different practices to our students and also the Germany has been seen very eager to do that type of programme in the future too.



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