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Youths polish shoes at malls to help flood affected children


Kathmandu, September 26, 2016: A group of youths have recently conducted shoes polishing campaign at shopping malls to support the flood victim children.

As part of the campaign for supporting the flood affected children, the members of Kathmandu Peace Eyes Leo Club members sat at two different locations: City Centre and Bishal Bazar on the last Saturday. From the sessions at both these venues, they were able to raise a fund of Rs.18000.

“We have planned to utilize the money we collected to buy the flood victim children with stationeries and sanitary materials,” said Rudra Khadka, President of the club. “Though we couldn’t collect much amount of money, we are glad that, in these sessions, we could win plenty of hearts, and many people appreciated our effort,” he shared.

Since the money collected is not enough for them to conduct the programme as expected, they are conducting a second phase of the programme as part of which they are planning to go to different organizations and companies and ask for sponsorships and set off to help the flood victim children, marking the starting of Dashain to them.