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Youths Receive Loans For Foreign Job From Emergency Fund


Kanchanpur, October 6: One dozen youths of Tilaki of Dekhatabhuli-3 have gone for foreign jobs by taking loans from the Emergency Fund created in the village for crisis management.

Some 13 youths went for foreign jobs by taking loans, said Chairman of the Itaha Community Crisis Management Committee Balsugrib Rana.

Two youths were given Rs. 180,000 each to go to Malaysia and ten youths were given Rs. 25,000 each for making passport.

Most of them sent Rs. 50,000 as first installment from foreign jobs, he said. We are preparing to send four more youths, he said.

Rs. 610,000 has been provided in loans at 3 percent interest rate. It was collected from Deusi Bhaili programme and by selling grass of the conserved river bank.  The fund has more than Rs. 700,000 now.

We have also provided loans of Rs. 10,000 each to two persons for poultry, said Committee Secretary Mangal Prasad Chaudhary.

The fund was established in 2068 BS under the initiative of the Nepal Red Cross Society Kanchanpur branch and 300 people of 60 households are affiliated to it.



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