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Youths stage street play to raise awareness on local election


Kathmandu, April 5, 2017: Hundreds of passersby in Basantapur, Bus Park, and Chabhil Stupa were surprised and started wondering when a group of theatre artists started staging a street drama.

As part of the ongoing collective campaign of youth organizations, #YOUthVoteNepal, Achel Natya Samuha had today performed the play ‘Sato Bolaune Mantra’ at these three locations in Kathmandu.

Envisioned and Directed by Ajit Aryal, the play is themed on why youth should vote, and wanted to show that the present chaotic situation of Nepal is not the result of our politicians only, but we voters too, the result of not voting the right people.

“There is a perception of youth that ‘Jun jogi aayepani kanai chireko’. Considering that, we wanted to share that voting is not only your right, but also a responsibility. We have been voting our people and the wrong people till now. It’s high time we become aware while casting our ballots. We need to elect promising youth leaders in this election. Through the play, we have given a message that if we do so and elect youths, they’ll do good work, because they have energy, and vision for the betterment of their society,” shared Director Aryal.

The drama also wanted to aware the general public that electing a youth leadership from the election is also very necessary.

“The other message we want to give through the play is that we need to give priority to the youth. Change, and development is easier if youths are prioritized, or at least given a chance. Youth have passion and determination to do something. Most of the leaders in Nepal are aging. If the youths want to do, why don’t we test our youth, and see if they can do,” Aryal further shared.

The play was performed by the group of actors from Achel Natya Samuha, including Navaraj khadka, Sushila Thapa, Santoshi Tamang, Sagar Kancho, Rabin Khadga, Munu Magar, Nabin Paudel, Saugat Basnet, and Prem Thapa among others.